CPQ stands for configure, price, and quote. With Salesforce CPQ, you and your sales team can create quotes quickly, with minimal effort and minimal error. Salesforce CPQ uses smart rules to make sure you and your reps sell related products together and to prevent incompatible products from ending up on the same quote. A faster, more controlled process means fewer errors, speedier closed deals, more accurate data, and more deals moving through the pipeline. Salesforce CPQ can help turn your sales team into a lean, mean selling machine.


Benefits for Customers

On Time Delivery

Integration of CPQ with other applications

Maintenance Services

Customization Services

Evaluate with Salesforce Consultation Service

Generate Accurate Quotes

Generate Better Contracts

CLOUDCACHE’s Salesforce CPQ Consulting And Implementation Services Include
  • Designing and building accurate quotes 
  • Quicker creation of clear proposals and contracts for your customers
  • identify ways to streamline your billing
  • assist with meaningful revenue recognition reports
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