Salesforce Lightning ™ comes with huge possibilities of enabling higher productivity, smarter work practices, an engrossing UX & faster app building.Switching to Salesforce Lightning is a decision that most companies need to take to better leveraging the advanced features of the Salesforce Platform. It brings you a quantum leap forward in augmenting the Salesforce User Interface environment.

Cloudcache's Salesforce Lightening Consultants are fully equipped to develop a strategy that will work for your organization, will work to ensure a smooth journey, guarantee a cost-efficient outcome and ensure the transition is worth that hard earned effort. From desktops to mobile devices, we are proficient in building remarkable Salesforce apps with features to help you get accurate and comprehensive data about your business performance. We streamline your processes to enable intuitive workflows.


Our Salesforce Lightening Services

We consider the importance of packaging throughout our development process and build Lightning-ready apps – both unmanaged and managed packaged apps. Hire top Salesforce Lightning Consultant and Salesforce Lightning expert now.Cloudcache’s Salesforce Lightning Developers specializes in developing Lightning-ready, tailor fitted Salesforce apps, both managed and unmanaged packaged apps.Our Salesforce Lightning Development team are AppExchange experts, our specialty includes Lightning App for smaller organisations such as start-ups and large enterprises deploying Lightning ready apps.

Our Salesforce Lightning Consultant will help you design and plan your Lightning strategy with the optimal use of Lightning components for your business with higher investment returns.

We assist you in developing a cohesive user experience across multiple devices by customizing your and platforms and making them Lightning-ready.The Lightning components automatically adapt to any of your existing devices. The Lightning service offers a consistent experience across all the tools.

"With the new features and additional functionality, it is never a better time to upgrade to Salesforce Lightning Communities! The Salesforce Classic to Lightning brought along with it a massive UX upgrade and improved the overall user experience. The upgrade can have benefits as it brings in a mobile first approach, an overall reduction in clicks, additional drag-and-drop components resulting in an overall accelerated design, development and deployment.We build custom solutions using Salesforce Community Cloud Platform to help you connect with thousands of users and provide customer service proactively, and accelerate the sales"

Cloudcache’s Salesforce Lightning Development team are well equipped to design and develop custom re-usable Lightning Components for all the fast-paced future Salesforce Developments.We develop single page responsive applications (SPAs) for desktops or mobiles with re-usable Lightning Component framework aligned with your future business growth plans.

"Cloudcache’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants can assist with all your automation needs. Cloudcachw will analyse your business processes and develop a plan to automate including the configuration of the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder which will provide your organization with all the Lightning benefits!!"

We customize the complete existing and solution, transforming it to make it mobile and Lightning-ready for a responsive UX across devices

We help to reduce the integration and synchronization times by providing access to data sources with the help of real-time requests for the configuration of a user’s visit on a related list or detailed page of an external object.

Features Of Our Salesforce Lightning Services

Process Automation

App Builder

App Exchange Expertise

Pixel Perfect Design

Faster Turnaround Time

Lightning Voice

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