Community Cloud is a social platform from that is designed to connect and facilitate communication among an organization's employees, partners and customers. Management can use it to communicate more efficiently with channel partners and other external parties. It provides them the records and data they need to accomplish their work efficiently. Overall, the online community software gives your company the ability to build customized and branded communities for seamless enterprise collaboration and streamlined business processes.


Salesforce Community Cloud Features

Business Integration



Branded Community

Mobile Optimization

Case Escalation

Knowledge Base and Q & A


Salesforce Automation

Personal Member Scoring

Data Sharing

Dashboard & Reports

File Sharing

Community Groups

Topic Pages

Feed Actions

Community Management

Chatter Collaboration

Salesforce Community Cloud Benefits

Salesforce Community Cloud serves as an interactive extension of your brand through its easy-to-use environment. It enables you to customize the solution matching your brand for your online community experience. Integration with business data from any system centralizes customers, workers, and partners to get their work done.

Automatic recommendations according to individual needs, behaviors, and interests connect groups, content, and experts for deeper community participation. You can access the community anywhere using the Salesforce mobile app or any mobile browser for delivering branded, device-responsive collaboration.

Easy access to FAQs and articles empowers customers to find solutions independently and frees agents to work on more crucial tasks. Community Cloud gives you an overview of your agents on who’s more active and they can also endorse each other based on expertise and skills. Other features include case escalation, e-commerce and community engagement.

Directly connecting partners, distributors, and resellers help you drive sales. It streamlines sharing of records, leads and contacts, integrating with third-party systems, and avoiding channel conflicts. You can immediately take action in lead conversion and marketing funds approval right in the feed. It also has data sharing and dashboards and reports to ensure alignment of goals.

Teams can be grouped according to events, campaigns, or projects to access relevant information with structure. By syncing files into a centralized location, your employees can easily access the right files they need in a context that’s embedded with your core business processes. Through Chatter, collaboration is empowered for fostering an innovating workplace and contributing ideas.

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